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Feature of The Art of  Not Making,

The New Artist/Artisan Relationship

5 April 2011

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Nature Morte

Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life

2017 Exhibition venues:

Wrocław, Poland

The Four Domes Pavilion

Branch of the National Museum in Wrocław

18 February - 14 May 2017

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Guildhall Art Gallery in London

September 2017 - April 2018

Past venues:

Konsthallen, Bohusläns museum, Uddevalla Sweden

7 May - 28 August, 2016

Hå gamle prestegard, Stavanger, Norway

6 June – 30 August, 2015

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This touring exhibition is based on Petry's book

Nature Morte for Thames & Hudson.

f  r  a  c  –  t  u  r  e  d  –  s  u  –  p  e  r  –  

s  t  r  u  c  – t  u  r  e  s

Selma Parlour | Bella Easton | Tim Ellis  

Michael Petry | Artemis Potamianou

Space Station Gallery, 159 Bermondsey Street, London,


23 November 2016–  16 February 2017

Open Tuesday - Saturday  10am - 5pm,  

Sunday 12 - 5pm

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Lest we forget the Gods

A solo exhibition

By Michael Petry

at Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Palm Desert, California

January 6 – February 6, 2017

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Michael Petry will present his first major show at the Melissa Morgan gallery. The exhibition will include a series of new large scale Libation paintings that were made during a residency at the Coachella Valley Art Center (in Indio). These works form a series called The Battle of the Gods and the Titans, and each one was made by Petry firing real arrows into the canvas. These works follow on from his performance art work Libation to Eros at the Palm Springs Art Museum in 2015.

Artists from a world wide reach will be shown:

Peter Abrahams, Sue Arrowsmith, Annie Attridge, Aziz + Cucher, Conrad Bakker, Barnaby Barford, Berthold Bell, Per Christian Brown, Mat Collishaw, Marcus Cope, Michael Craig-Martin, John Dugdale, Roberto Ekholm, Saara Ekström, Nancy Fouts, Nick Fox, Ana Genovés, Ori Gersht, Rigoberto A. Gonzalez, Cynthia Greig, Martin Gustavsson, Jefferson Hayman, Paul Hazelton, Todd Hebert, Renata Hegyi, Jim Hodges, Bill Jacobson, Alexander James, Peter Jones, Edward Kay, Rob Kesseler, Jone Kvie, Alana Lake, Janne Malmros, Carol Marin-Pache, Livia Marin, Caroline McCarthy, Damien Meade, John Mitchell, Polly Morgan, Dermot O'Brien, Gabriel Orozco, Bruno Pacheco, Guillaume Paris, Michael Petry, Marc Quinn, Eric Rhein, Miho Sato, Rebecca Scott, Andro Semeiko, Jane Simpson, Jim Skull, Matt Smith, Rob Smith, Jennifer Steinkamp, Richard Stone, Yuken Teruya, Hanne Tyrmi, Maciej Urbanek, Mathew Weir, James White, Kraig Wilson, Cindy Wright

He will also present sculptural works in bronze and porcelain. A full life sized solid bronze arrow called Libation to Eros will accompany two libation bowls made for Petry in Jingdezhen home of China's porcelain making for almost 2000 years. Libation to Apollo is a one meter (in diameter) gold bowl that will be filled with white wine and Libation to Selene (the moon goddess) will be filled with red wine.

These works will also be accompanied by a new porcelain wall work made up of 9 silver porcelain stars. Each Constellation (Virgo, Libra, Aries, etc.) in the series is based on the stars we can see at night and were named by the ancient Greeks